Nature: my shape library


The things I see while walking the dogs…

became obsessions. I noticed myself making one mental note after another about interesting shapes or changing palettes that I noticed in my neighborhood during my daily dog walks. Although I have previously been taken by plants and their varieties as explored in the Botanicals and Bugs series I created a few years ago, this new obsession took on the unexpected, often overlooked relationships between plants. The negative space between branches, the dead leaves and pine needles collaged on the ground were what I was drawn to. I observed the changing palette in my central Massachusetts neighborhood as the seasons changed guard in the woods near my home.

I was fortunate enough to be offered a lovely summer studio space in the town of Princeton, MA at a friend’s home. The studio is surrounded by dense forest with a well-worn path leading to a swampy beaver pond. If I need a boost of inspiration I grab my friend’s two dogs and wander around in the woods for a bit, noting changes and new growth. It’s like my own personal library of inspiration. It’s a gift.

The work I am making was started when I decided to take part in the 100 days project. I chose “100 Days of Abstracts”. I was worried about sharing the work on social media, worried I would confuse the audience that had come to know my quirky illustration work. A friend encouraged me to share them and I am glad she did. Sharing them daily pushes me to be vulnerable as I explore this new way of working. I love working this way! I am using my many years of developing an understanding of balance, color, composition, and movement. I am finding it is loosening up my illustration work as well which is an interesting and unexpected side effect.

Thank you for visiting my new website where I will share my abstract work. I welcome feedback and please sign up to receive updates from my studio. I have an active commission practice and would love to create a work that would help your home feel like an inspirational space for you and your family.